Plumb Right Plumbing is dedicated to providing professional service to our valued customers with our team of highly trained and dedicated technicians.  When you call us, you can expect fast response; work performed by a trained plumber; and lastly a guarantee of quality work or your money back. Our number one priority is customer service, because we never forget that our customers are the reason we are in business.

Water/Sewer Emergencies

What is a water emergency?

  • Flooding/collapsing of roadways, sidewalk areas, and yards and/or hazardous conditions (e.g., ice in the winter) caused by:
  • – A broken water main in the street.
  • – A service leak outside of the home.
  • – A broken pipe inside the home where the inside valve is inoperable.
  • A registered WSSC plumber or a WSSC technician can turn off the utility at the street level.

What is a sewer emergency?

  • A basement taking in sewage—not related to using water in the home.
  • An overflowing clean out or WSSC manhole.
  • A sewer main overload (e.g., caused by heavy rain) resulting in a sewer back up in the home.

Sewer & Water Line Service and Repair

Plumb Right Plumbing has the experience and equipment necessary for all of your

  • emergency repairs, and
  • scheduled maintenance.

We excavate and identify the utility that requires repair or replacement and offer the services needed to keep your water and drainage operating at their best—at a fair and affordable price to you.

Plumb Right Plumbing knows that home sewer and septic issues can inconvenience your life on all levels. We operate with special care of the property we’re working on and take all necessary precautions to protect your home.

Call now to schedule a FREE on-location consultation for a Sewer Excavation Services estimate at 301-808-3600.

Sewer Video Inspection

Before Sewer Video Inspection Services, sewers were serviced, repaired, and even replaced without ever getting a visual confirmation of a problem. Plumb Right Plumbing has focused strongly on making Sewer Video Inspection Services readily available for every drain cleaning and diagnostics service request. We’re one of a select few Drain Specialist Companies that has 1 to 3 cameras on every service truck, ensuring that whatever information our Drain Specialist provides is backed by visual facts and accuracy.

Sewer Camera Inspection service is highly recommended for the following scenarios, to name a few:

  • Upon completion of every drain cleaning service request
  • When searching for plumbing defects both above and below ground
  • For home buyers getting ready to close on a home purchase
  • If needing a second opinion on sewer repair/replacement services

So, protect your investment. Call now to schedule a FREE on-location consultation for a Sewer Excavation Services estimate at 301-808-3600.